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Spanish in Castilla y León

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Letra Hispánica

Letra Hispánica is a school of Spanish language and culture and a centre for advanced philological studies. We offer cultural opportunities aimed at all lovers of Hispanic cultures.

Our teaching philosophy is based on the old motto “enseñar deleitando” (“to teach so that learning is enjoyable”), which is why we combine classroom-based theoretical and practical knowledge with experiences that a Spanish language student can enjoy in his or her daily life.

As an Instituto Cervantes-accredited centre, we have a teaching staff that meets the requirements that guarantee reliable, high-quality instruction. Our teachers include language specialists, translators, PhDs and active university professors, as well as experts in other fields of culture, such as art and literature.

Letra Hispánica is located right in the centre of Salamanca, less than two minutes’ walking distance from the Plaza Mayor, and very close to all the basic services necessary for life in the city.

Letra Hispánica

C/ Peña Primera, 18, bajo. C.P.: 37002 Salamanca.

+34 923 262 018

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