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Spanish in Castilla y León

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Congreso Internacional del Español

Logotipo de los Congresos Internacionales del Español

The Congreso Internacional del Español (International Congress on the Spanish Language) is currently the most important event in the Spanish language sector for Hispanists, educators, professionals and anyone who feels in some way linked to the dissemination and teaching of Spanish throughout the world.

The first edition of the Congress was held in Salamanca in 2008. Since then, five editions have been held on-site until 2018, when registrations numbered well over a thousand. In 2020, its sixth edition was scheduled to be held in early July in Salamanca, but ultimately took place in November in an entirely virtual format. If circumstances permit, the seventh edition will be held in Salamanca once again. While this desired transition is taking place, in 2021 we are presenting, once again in virtual format, the first edition of the Congreso Internacional del Español para Fines Específicos (International Congress on the Spanish Language for Specific Purposes).

You can find all the latest information on these events by clicking on this link: Congreso Internacional del Español

The schedules and minutes of the last three editions of the Congress can be found below: