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Spanish in Castilla y León

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Cultural and natural heritage

Castilla y León is the third-largest region in the European Union and one of the most valuable because of its high level of biodiversity and rich natural heritage. Its unique terrain, a vast plateau surrounded by mountain ranges, has contributed to the formation of an exceptionally rich landscape. This has created multiple ecosystems with diverse flora and fauna, including species as interesting as the brown bear, the wolf, the lynx, the otter, and even the bison.

In this setting, abundant evidence of the history of the last millennia has been preserved to the present day. Castilla y León is home to an extraordinary cultural heritage and has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other region on the planet. The Community of Castilla y León has recognised more than 1,800 Assets of Cultural Interest, including more than 1,000 monuments, over 500 castles, more than 130 historic sites, over 100 archaeological sites, and 12 cathedrals.

By taking a journey into the history of Castilla y León, one also discovers knowledge and traditions that have been preserved over the centuries. Some of these manifestations receive special protection, having been declared Assets of Cultural Interest.

The following links and documents provide information of interest on the cultural and natural heritage of Castilla y León: