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Spanish in Castilla y León

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Student friendly cities

There are many reasons why any city in Castilla y León offers the best opportunities for students who want to experience cultural immersion and learn Spanish. Here are just a few of the qualities shared by all of them:

  • Welcoming cities

Castilla y León’s cities have an average population of just over 100,000 inhabitants, ranging from approximately 40,000 in Soria to 300,000 in Valladolid. They are pleasant cities where any student will feel comfortable from the start. He or she will be able to walk around and get to know all the corners of the city in just a few days until he or she feels right at home.

  • University cities

Spain's most historic universities, Salamanca and Valladolid, were joined in the 20th century by those of Burgos and León. With these four public universities, along with four private ones, Castilla y León has a total of eight universities offering on-site education, enrolling more than 70,000 students each academic year. This makes it one of the European regions with the highest university population.

  • Cities for immersion

Although Castilla y León’s countless charms attract a significant number of international tourists every year, the proportion is much lower than in Spain’s large or coastal cities, where the pace and daily life are better suited for visitors than for the people who live there. In any city in Castilla y León, it’s easy to practise the language with the locals and get to know the typical way of life in a Spanish city.

  • Cities full of monuments

The city of Ávila and its churches outside the city walls, the old town of Segovia and its aqueduct, the old city of Salamanca, and the cathedral and historic centre of Burgos are some of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Castilla y León’s metropolises. The region also maintains large number of monuments and architectural ensembles of similar importance, such as León Cathedral, the first to be declared a National Monument of Spain.

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