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Spanish in Castilla y León

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Educational excellence

Castilla y León's university tradition dates back to the early 13th century, starting with the foundation of the Studium Generale of Palencia, which was followed soon after by the University of Salamanca and the University of Valladolid. Salamanca was a pioneer in the field of Spanish language instruction, with the publication of the first Spanish grammar book by Antonio de Nebrija in 1492, and it has been a universal point of reference for international students since its Cursos Internacionales were introduced in 1929. Thus began an innovative model for teaching Spanish as a foreign language that was subsequently emulated by the rest of the Spanish educational panorama.

University studies in Castilla y León evolved over the centuries and today are concentrated at nine universities, public and private, that offer extensive academic programmes able to respond to any educational need.

Logotipo de centro acreditado Instituto Cervantes

At the same time, over the past 30 years, many private centres dedicated to teaching Spanish to foreigners have opened in Castilla y León. More than 20 of them have obtained the official accreditation granted by the Instituto Cervantes, a guarantee of the quality of the instruction they provide, as well as the administration, facilities and other services available to students.

Therefore, any student who chooses Castilla y León as a place to progress in his or her learning of Spanish will discover an extensive and varied range of programmes of proven quality and experience. Among them, they will undoubtedly find the option that best meets their learning needs.