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Spanish in Castilla y León

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How to get there

The airports of Castilla y León currently handle only domestic flights, so the most common way to travel from another country is to arrive via Madrid or Barcelona.

Mapa de España con la comunidad de Castilla y León resaltada y ubicadas Madrid y Barcelona

Below are the options for getting to Castilla y León by public transport from both cities. If you need more information or your trip departs from somewhere else, please send us a message through our contact form and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

from Madrid

All the provincial capitals of Castilla y León can be accessed from Chamartín train station quickly and easily. You can take the high-speed train from Chamartín Station to most of them in one or two hours, and there are plans to add new destinations in the region in the coming years. 

Information on travelling by train can be found at: Renfe

There are also many options for bus journeys. The main companies that link the capitals of Castilla y León with Madrid are Alsa and Avanza .

from Barcelona

There are several weekly connections between Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport and the airports of Burgos, León and Valladolid with flights lasting around 75 minutes. The rest of the cities of Castilla y León are easily accessible by public transport from any of these airports.

Moreover, Barcelona is connected to Madrid by high-speed train, so taking the train from Barcelona to any city in Castilla y León is also a good option.