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Spanish in Castilla y León

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Tía Tula

We are a high-quality Spanish language school located in a spectacular building in the historic centre of Salamanca. And the best is inside: the staff, the teachers and the great atmosphere. The hundreds of students and teachers who visit us every year praise our organisation and our excellent academic programme.

But that’s not all: we offer a sensational range of extracurricular activities in the city, trips around Spain, a careful selection of accommodation options, assistance at all times with every detail...

Our three-step roadmap:

  1. Discover us (what you’re doing right now) and learn about us. Call us or write us.
  2. Come to Salamanca to study Spanish with us and enjoy a wonderful experience while learning the language.
  3. Have fond memories of your experience for the rest of your life, in perfect Spanish.

Tía Tula

Calle Palominos, 23. C.P.: 37008 Salamanca.

+34 923 210 283

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