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Colegio Ibérico

Open since 1988.

Colegio Ibérico is a school created and managed by a teachers’ cooperative. It is one of Salamanca’s first centres dedicated to teaching Spanish as a foreign language.
Our team has extensive experience in the management and design of courses as well as in the creation of didactic materials. Our learning method is based on two pillars: active participation and personalised instruction.

We offer in-person classes at our school, located in the historic centre of Salamanca, and online classes.

Colegio Ibérico offers training programmes for ELE teachers, including those who are just starting out and experienced educators who want to update their teaching techniques.

Colegio Ibérico

C/ Pozo Amarillo, 27-29. C.P.: 37001 Salamanca.

+34 923 267 288

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