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Spanish in Castilla y León

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DICE Centro Didácico de Español

DICE Salamanca is located in the city centre, just a few minutes away from the Plaza Mayor of Salamanca. Distributed over two floors, it has a spacious reception area, seven large, well-lit and well-equipped classrooms, a staff room and a student lounge where the library is located.

The school also has computers with Internet access and free Wi-Fi throughout the facilities. All our teachers have a bachelor’s degree in Spanish Studies and are specialised in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

During our grammar and conversation classes, students work with specific textbooks, divided into various levels according to the European reference framework (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2).

DICE Centro Didáctico de Español

C/ Álvaro Gil, 18. C.P.: 37007 Salamanca.

+34 923 603 360

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