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Centro Internacional Antonio Machado

The CIAM, Centro Internacional Antonio Machado, is an academic and cultural institution that aims to teach Spanish language and culture from a Humanistic perspective, taking into account social bonding factors. CIAM offers in-person and online courses, Spanish courses and language stays, service learning and volunteering programmes, Spanish in nature courses for young people, seminars on literature and philosophy, and training courses for translation professionals and Spanish as a foreign language teachers.

We offer a number of language and culture courses throughout the year, intensive courses in summer, DELE preparation courses, full-length courses in autumn and spring, teacher training, and specialisation courses for students interested in broadening their communication skills in the specific fields of business or health. Our range of online courses is also varied and flexible, and most have a modular format that adapts to the individual needs of each learner.

We also organise a number of on-demand programmes, both online and in person, in which we bring our best ideas, knowledge and experience in the sector to the table.

Centro Internacional Antonio Machado

C/ Santo Tomé, 6. C.P.: 42004 Soria.

+34 975 229 911

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