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Spanish in Castilla y León

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Hispano Continental

Hispano Continental, an Instituto Cervantes-accredited centre located in the heart of Salamanca, was founded in 1989 to offer a pleasant environment where you can learn Spanish.

Our teaching methods are constantly evolving, and our teachers are native speakers specialised in ELE. The most important aspect of our centre is our personalised teaching method, which enables students to make rapid progress.

With our courses, you can earn university credits certified by the Pontifical University of Salamanca.

Hispano Continental offers extra-curricular activities to complement your learning.

Come and study with us. You’ll enjoy fantastic experiences and make new friends. It’s a great opportunity to learn Spanish and discover our culture.

Hispano Continental

C/ Sorias 13-17, bajo. Edificio Atenea. C.P.: 37002 Salamanca.

+34 923 212 344

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